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Born in the late seventies, yes that’s right the seventies, to believe it or not a Realtor and an Academic in Memphis, Tn. Larry is the youngest of three children and of course he was starved for attention. So from day one he quested to become a professional circus clown. If you don’t believe that We would gladly refer you to his parents who are still trying to figure all this out. Even though the profession of clown was not a popular choice he stuck with it and enjoys thumbing his nose at all his detractors.

Larry’s first professional performance came as a clown at the age of 8 at his cousin’s birthday. This first endeavor earned him a whopping 25 US Dollars. He then evolved his act with the added skills of juggling, magic, and feats of unimaginable daring. As he honed his skills throughout his formative years he began performing for audiences other than his family. During the summers of Larry’s High School years he performed at amusement parks and went on to touring with small circuses and Rock bands. After high school graduation--yes he apparently had time to actually go to school between his busy performance schedules--he would fill his performance calendar with shows , in Las Vegas Casinos, on New Jersey boardwalks, Renaissance Festivals, touring full-time with traditional American circuses, and oh yeah one semester in College.

In 1999, while on tour with a traditional Hungarian circus he was offered and accepted a contract with Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus where became one of the first non-Clown College graduate to tour with RBBB as a Clown in over thirty years. While on tour with RBBB Larry performed for millions (yes, millions) of people at such prestigious venues as New York’s Madison Square Garden, LA’s Staples Center, Boston Garden, and even the Memphis Pyramid. After finishing the 2001 season with the 131st edition of RBBB circus Larry returned home to Memphis for a well deserved break. Seeing as how He can’t sit still for more than a few days without needing to perform, he began a three year engagement with the Memphis Redbirds--triple A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals. During that time he filled the rest his performance calendar with engagements throughout the U.S., Bermuda, and the Bahamas.

These days Larry divides his time between performing and his lovely family.

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